The Bughouse Five Story...

BUGHOUSE FIVE was formed in September, 1991 by the members of several of Vancouver's most notorious bands; The Nervous Fellas, The Rocking Edsels and Art Bergman, to name a few. Fronted by the charismatic Butch "Big Boy" Murphy and backed up by the rock solid drumming of Taylor Little, the band quickly earned a name as one of the hardest working, most entertaining rockabilly bands around. Their three early releases on East Side Records, Solid and Dark Days Passing and Everything Must Go!, gave evidence of strong songwriting and cool musicianship that are Bughouse Five's hallmark to this day.
From 1996 to 2002, guitar and bass were more than ably handled by Scott Smith, and Jeremy Holmes respectively. 2002 saw them move onto other projects. The newest lineup now features Mr. Alajhandro "Little Alex" Varon on lead guitar, and Kevin Grant on bass, both standup and otherwise.
Bughouse Five's newest release, Bull Mercury, is produced by the well known Daryl Neudorf. This album continues in the directions explored on the 1998 release, Everything Must Go!. Rock ("Shelf Life"), Rockabilly ("Trouble Baby"), Blues ("Francie Nolan's Blues") and Gospel ("Save a Soul Tonight") songs feature promintently, and the beautiful voices of The B5 Gospel Choir (Janice Dunbar, Robyn Pollack, Barb Wilkins, Anna Bon Bon and Robyn Carrigan) send this album to new heights.
2003 will see the new look Bughouse Five return to the studio to record their 5th album.

Thanks to Chris Crud for the great photos!